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The Nazareth College Arts Center:

  • is a non-profit institution.
  • attracts more than 80,000 adults and children annually.
  • is the premier presenter of world-class dance, children’s theatre, and international entertainment in Rochester.
  • is the performance home of Rochester City Ballet and world-renowned Garth Fagan Dance, as well as the home of Rochester Children’s Theatre and Bach Children’s Chorus.
  • houses the Nazareth College departments of art, music, and theatre arts, which present exceptional theatre productions, musicals, opera, recitals, and art exhibitions each year (events are open to the public).
  • serves as a venue for auditions, art classes, music lessons, recitals, fundraisers, lectures, community theater productions, camps, workshops, and graduations.
  • provides access to master classes, school performances, and subscription series shows for under-served youth.
  • hosts an annual, community-wide Summer Dance Festival.
  • House Layout

    Click here for Information and Overview of the Callahan Theater Venue.

  • Tech Specs

    Detailed information for Technical Crews can be found here.

  • The Galleries

    Exhibitions in the Arts Center Gallery and Colacino Gallery are free of charge and open to the public. Learn more >>

  • Rentals

    Click here for more information on theater rental fees, services, equipment and labor costs for the 2013-2014 season.

Nazareth College Arts Center: A New Era

After 42 years of existence, the Nazareth College Arts Center embarks on a new era. Join Nazareth President Daan Braveman on a tour of the Arts Center renovation process.